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Reiki - The Perfect introduction to Energy Healing...….

I’d hazard a guess that somewhere along the way you’ve heard about Reiki or someone who knows someone whose experienced this complimentary therapy – it’s become one of the most popular & widespread techniques practiced in this country today, from beauty salons & health centres to therapists working within the NHS – so let’s explore a brief history of Reiki, why it’s such a fantastic introduction to energy healing & how it will enhance your life.

Dr Mikao Usui is the most famous Reiki practitioner known to us & considered to be the founder of this relatively modern healing style – in 1922 he had what he called a mystical awakening on Mount Kurama whilst meditating, explaining that he had been given REIKI energy. After experimenting & subsequently finding that he could heal himself of discomfort & pain he declared that he wanted to share this healing energy with everyone in need. Once he started to treat people, they began to see that their various ailments vanished, experienced better health & general wellbeing, their lives becoming richer in a number of ways, so the tradition grew in popularity.

He went on to teach a great many students his healing technique, which included breathing exercises, the five admonitions’, hand positions, attunements & a number of sacred symbols that he would use to deliver the universal energy that is REIKI. Eventually it came to the west via one of his students Mrs Takata of Hawaii, who went on to teach many of her own students who, in turn went out to the rest of world, teaching, healing & spreading the tradition just as Dr Usui wanted.

The literal translation of the word REIKI is – Higher Power, Life Force Energy – & it’s this energy that practitioners channel during your session, we believe that through our training & attunements we have refined our ability to connect with that higher power or as a lot of people refer to it “universal energy”.

I choose to believe, as do a number of other practitioners that this life force energy has its own intelligence & is guided by that higher power, so when a therapist is channelling REIKI it will look for your point of greatest need i.e. where you are experiencing discomfort, pain or an in-balance in your auric field & start to heal that point, dissolving negative energies & promoting greater wellbeing.

So, what does REIKI HEALING feel like? This is a completely unique experience which can differ from person to person – some may feel a tingly sensation either all over their bodies or in areas that are in need of healing, it’s quite common for people to feel emotional – this can be because someone is letting go of an issue or is entering into a state of deep relaxation, others may see a myriad of colours when they close their eyes & for some they feel nothing at all…….I’ve experienced all of these things myself & know that these are the most common themes amongst my clients. Generally, though the feeling that most people have chosen to share with me after a session is one of DEEP RELAXATION, coming away with a sense of peace & they all seem to sleep incredibly well too.

Why should I choose REIKI?

There are so many reasons to work with REIKI, these are the ones I LOVE the most…….

It is a suitable healing technique for EVERYONE……from pregnant ladies & new born babies to the elderly & terminally ill, there are NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Reiki is non-invasive – you remain fully clothed & a lot of the time a therapist will offer you a blanket to keep you warm (some may experience a drop in body temperature) & if your uncomfortable with being physically touched then treatment can be adapted accordingly.

It is currently being used successfully alongside orthodox medicine, even within the NHS who now employ Reiki Healers, it’s also practiced in prisons, cancer support groups & hospices, showing that REIKI can be practiced in any environment too.

Reiki helps you to FOCUS & will support you with making positive life choices. When we choose to meditate with & ask for REIKI guidance it enables us to connect with our inner knowing, which offers us an insight and understanding as to what is truly best for us. When your mind is cloudy, making important decisions is impossible. Reiki shows you a clear path and allows you to be objective.

When you learn about REIKI it talks about the 5 admonitions – these are

Don’t get angry today.

Don’t be grievous.

Express your thanks.

Be diligent in your business.

Be kind to others

So, when we wake up in the morning & think about these points, it sets a wonderful intention for your day – try it & enjoy the positive outcomes.

For me one of the biggest reasons to work with this healing modality is that EVERYBODY can learn how to channel REIKI, which makes it the perfect introduction to ENERGY HEALING – you don’t need any special equipment or expensive kit, what you do need is an open heart, clear mind & a few hours of your time. You can find any number of accredited courses from

The Reiki Federation are one of the UK’s governing bodies who have a register of all Reiki Master Teachers who can offer you all three levels of attunement so you’ll know that the teaching that you are receiving is of the highest standard.

One thing I will mention & this is just my personal preference, I would choose to study under someone who offers face to face tuition & not via the internet. You can attain a Level 1 Reiki attunement in just a few hours & this will allow you to start healing yourself – the benefits of which you’ll continue to experience for as long as you wish to practice. Level 2 will enable you to treat not only yourself but also those around you & paying clients if you wish (subject to insurance etc) & Master / Teacher status is for those that wish to teach others as well as continue to practice healing.

Currently there’s little scientific evidence to support this healing technique, quantum physics has a theory about neutrons, ions & electricity but what I’d ask you to do is put aside your sceptical thoughts & give it a go – thousands if not millions of people have had their lives enhanced by the power of reiki, they can’t all be wrong, can they?

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