Sara has as unerring ability to help you voice what really matters, to release emotion and energy blocks; an approach which draws on a breadth of skills.  This practice enables acceptance, a fresh perspective, a very personal sense of new possibility and provides the practical means to flourish.


Karen W


I have known Sara for a number of years and she is always so warm and friendly.

I have had Reiki with her on numerous occasions and intuitive advice. For me the most powerful experience was seeing her take care of my father during his battle with cancer. He did eventually pass away but it was the moments he spent having Reiki with her that he often found his inner strength to keep going. Thank you Sara for all that you have done for my family. A wonderful, kind and giving person, somehow she always finds the right book to lend me that is most appropriate for that particular of my life. Sara is a blessing!

Kushel M


Working with Sara was a life changing experience for me. I was fortunate to be referred to her by a friend when I was going through a very difficult period in my life. I was in a great level of mental and physical pain, my energy was completely depleted I didn't know what to do or where to turn, I was on my hands and knees. 

Sara was a lot more that I could have hoped for from a therapist. She's very gifted and extremely intuitive and was instantly able to tap into my deepest fears, self imposed restrictions and misplaced beliefs (around my responsibility boundaries for others), which were the true root of my problems. She truly listens with her ears and heart open and follows her strong intuition to offer you the best advice and treatment. She helped me rebuild trust with my own source of wisdom and see the support I already had. She also had some invaluable and practical advice I could follow. And if that wasn't enough - she performed some miracles on my energy field to help me gain more strength and move on.

With Sara's help I was able to regain my strength and courage to take control of my life. I have since made significant changes, which had set me off on a more balanced and healthy journey. I can't thank her enough. 


Anna V

I have been on a very long journey with Sara, she has helped me learn how to be myself and has given me the strength and encouragement to stand up to those who have walked all over me for many years.

Through Reiki, crystal and spiritual healing I have been able to clear and release negative emotions and deep-set anger. Sara has helped me break ties with people I no longer need or want in my life, who have only caused me continued stress and frustration. I am almost at the end of my journey now but will be continuing with my sessions. I feel so much calmer and at ease after her treatments even if it is only a brief one! Sara is always there to offer her help and support when it is needed.

I must also not forget to mention, Sara has the most amazing healing hands. She truly is a remarkably gifted lady and I am very blessed to have met her all those years ago. Thank you my lovely and very dear friend.

Rosa S

To put it simply - Sara's gifts of healing energy and intuitive guidance are beyond measure. 


Tiffany W

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