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Passionate about Crystals? Want to know on!

1) How do crystals help us to heal?

Each crystal has its own unique energy, just as we do – however when we’re feeling out of sorts or ill OUR energy isn’t balanced & working the way it should, so we use crystals to re-balance that energy, just as a mechanic tunes up your car engine to help it run at its best, a crystal can refine & adjust your energy, helping YOU to feel better.

2) Do Crystals really work?

I can understand why people ask this & to them I’d say that for me they do & the clients that I’ve seen over the years would say the same too – however it’s all a matter of perspective, belief & ultimately if you want something to work for you badly enough it will. The science of quantum physics goes some way to explain the how & why crystal healing works, in essence everything is matter & all matter vibrates – so you can use one vibrational source to calibrate another when it is not vibrating at its correct frequency, in other words a crystal can realign any aspect of your personal energy, be that a chakra or within your auric field – it can also do wonders for your environment.

3) What would you put into a crystal starter kit?

If you’ve ever walked past a shop or stall selling crystals & found yourself drawn to a particular one then go with that………it would be a really good idea to find a complimentary “grounding” crystal too (moss agate, bloodstone & petrified wood are good starting points) – this will help you to remain well, grounded whilst you sit or meditate with your chosen stone – it’s all too easy to get lost in thought when playing with crystals & a grounding stone will also help you to remember what you’ve just experienced. Other crystals to consider are – Rose Quartz, Amethyst, any of the Calcites (they come in lots of colours) Amber, Blue Lace Agate & Aquamarine. Once you’ve got to know your first crystal & how it works with you, then I’m sure you’ll want to move onto another & another & another………. Take your time & get to know each of your chosen crystals, this way you’ll start to know what crystal will help you when you face certain life challenges.

4) How do I cleanse my crystals & How often should I do this? What do they mean by charging your crystal?

There are many different ways to clean a crystal, here are the two that I use the most – the easiest technique is to hold the crystal under running water (there are a few crystals that don’t like this though, such as Halite & Selenite) & ask for all the negativity to be washed away. You can also try smudging – traditionally using a white sage brush or smudge stick, you pass the crystal through the smoke – this technique can also be used to clear negative energies from your home.

You need to clean your crystals whenever you work with them & after you’ve finished, they will absorb any energies that are available – be that good or bad, so we need to make sure that they start out with their own energy, the one that is going to help you heal.

When people talk about charging crystals, they frequently refer to using either the moon or sun energy to energize their crystals – I have no doubt that crystals enjoy this, mine certainly have, however I choose to believe that it’s the intent we work with that gives these crystals their extra boost.

5) Where is a good, reputable place to buy crystals?

When you find a shop or stall ask them where they buy their crystals from, generally it will be form a wholesaler who will have that information available if they don’t know it already, quite frequently semi precious gemstones are mined on a small scale, sometimes they are a by-product of mining other products – there are many places that operate on an ethical, fair trade practice & most people in the business will try to support these.

6) Why are people so enthusiastic about crystals?

They feel a connection to these beautiful things. Did you know we are part crystalline? – Apatite is present in our teeth & quartz makes up 20% of the earth’s crust – we already have crystals in our everyday environment were just not aware of them so it’s not a huge surprise that people find themselves enjoying crystal energy & all the positives that this brings into your life.

7) My stress levels are now affecting my health – Can a crystal help me?

Firstly, you must always see a Doctor if your concerned about your health, crystal therapy is never a substitute for conventional medicine & any practitioner worth their salt will ask if you’ve seen your GP & then advise you to go & see them if you haven’t. My own GP recently told me that she believes 90% of all diseases are born through stress, particularly the emotional kind, so it would be wise to focus your attention on that area & yes crystals can certainly help with that – Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful soother when our emotions threaten to overwhelm us, Sodalite helps to calm an over active mind, Rose Quartz will offer a sense of emotional security – however which crystal is appropriate will depend on what your energetic needs are.

8) What Crystals can I use to help ease anxiety?

Should your anxiety reach a point where it is interfering with your everyday life & stopping you doing things that you want to do then I would suggest seeing your GP or finding a counselling service to help you through this, however should it be a case of nerves about a new job, going on a date or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen then you’ll find crystals to be an excellent friend………I’d recommend Moss Agate, Orbicular Jasper (especially the blue & green colourways) & for me my personal favourite is Rhodochrosite, however the appropriate crystal will depend on which area within your energy field needs to be rebalanced.

9) What’s a good beginner crystal to work with?

This is such a personal thing & really is all about you & what energy you need at the time your looking – if you are in a crystal shop or any place that is selling crystals try this – close your eyes, take a deep breath, let it out & with the next breath ask for you to be shown the crystal that you need – you don’t have to do this out loud, in your mind is just fine – it may be that as soon as you open your eye’s they’ll rest on the one, or you might see it twinkling at the back of the cabinet, let your instinct be your guide!

10) What crystals are best for meditation & how do you use them?

If your new to the pleasures of meditation then look at Rose Quartz, Calcites, Amber & Clear Quartz amongst others. If you’re experienced in the field of meditation I’d suggest using Celestite or Selenite for its ability to connect with the angelic realms, Sugilite for speaking with your guides & Lapis Lazuli for communicating with your ancestors – please always use a grounding crystal for this practice as its very easy to lose yourself. Cleanse your crystal before settling down to your meditation, ask for the crystal to work with you for your highest good & place it either in one of your hands or on the floor immediately in front of you, once you’ve finished your practice, thank your crystal, cleanse & put away until the next time – you might want to keep a pen & paper handy to note down any thoughts that come to you during this time.

11) What has caused the recent popularity in Crystals?

Recent is pretty subjective, Crystals have been used for millennia, from the ancient Egyptians (that blue eyeliner you see in pictures was ground up Lapis Lazuli & the Ebers papyrus is considered the original manuscript that described the benefits of crystals) medieval religious orders (Hildegarde Von Bingham was a famous abbess who wrote about the many uses of crystals in healing man) & there are many references to crystals & their uses in the bible – my point is that crystals have been around forever & just about every, Tom, Dick & Harry in history has used them in some way or another, so it’s no surprise that we’re now in another cycle where we are openly talking & exploring the benefits of crystals – I feel that we are ready to accept the energies that these beautiful stones possess & that they will help us to address the challenges that society faces.

12) What do you say to the naysayers & others who don’t believe that crystals can help people?

Everyone’s entitled to their thought’s & opinions – if they don’t want to explore this area then hey, that’s Ok – however I would ask that they respect my thought’s & opinions, if my own experiences have been positive & that my clients feel they have benefitted from being healed with crystals then that’s good enough for me, I won’t go out of my way to convince people that this works, science will eventually catch up & prove it for me.

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