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The Importance of Self Care

Why in todays world, do we fail to gift ourselves the time to rest, relax & reflect?

I believe this is a common situation many people experience, in a time pressured world very few of us will be comfortable with the idea of gifting ourselves "TIME".

It may stem from poor self esteem, other peoples expectation, your own preconceptions of who you believe your meant to be or it boils down to a lack of energy because your life is just that busy.

This has been a journey of self discovery, brought up to believe that a wife & mother should dedicate all of her time & energy to her family, being considered selfish to do otherwise, it got to the point where everything in my life was a huge effort & I started to resent everyday tasks that used to give me pleasure - I knew something had to change but couldn't find the "TIME" to even think about how I could make it happen.

For me this is when the practice of SELF CARE began.

A chance encounter in a coffee shop with a wonderful lady, who later became my client & I in turn her student - helped me to see how valuable giving yourself the gift of time was - through my yoga practice I was able to afford myself the opportunity to put my worrisome thoughts to one side & enjoy the peace of a quiet mind, this was only one of the many ways that Yoga enhanced my life (we shall explore the benefits of yoga in future posts) but let me tell you its amazing the difference that ONE HOUR a week can make to your life!

What is my definition of SELF CARE? - Finding a space & gifting yourself the time to work through your thoughts & feelings, deciding what needs to be explored further or letting go of that which no longer serves you.

So my lovelies, I'm asking YOU to define your own idea of SELF CARE & encourage you to implement this wonderful practice into your life................

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