Christmas - Grieving for the past.....learning how to be joyful in the future.

So many people enjoy Christmas, finding it ”the most wonderful time of the year” as the song goes however there are those of us that find it just darn right difficult – there are so many reasons as to why it’s hard to be jovial, happy & filled with fun, maybe even a slight tendency to travel into Scrooge mode – for me past Christmas’s have been a time of sadness, one where I focused on the loss of loved ones & past events, however I’ve recently had a bit of a wake-up call, an epiphany if you like & realised I need to focus on giving THANKS for those people & those memories, remembering with fondness & love, not sorrow or regret. So, the task at hand is how do we move into that thought proces

Christmas Stress - here's 10 top tips.

1) LIST’S – yes, I encourage you to write a list, that way you’ll easily see what you’ve achieved so far – giving yourself a pat on the back & positive feedback will encourage you to finish what’s left on that list. 2) EXIT STRATEGY – If your visiting relatives that you’re a little uncomfortable with & let’s face it nearly everyone has some of those, plan an exit strategy – I know it’s not the perfect solution, but it will give you an option should Aunty Acid step over the line. 3) If you have the sort of Gran or Grandad that asks AWKWARD QUESTIONS, the type that makes you blush with embarrassment you’ll need to find a coping mechanism because their probably not going to stop

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